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How Does Lock Picking Work?

lock picking perthLocking picking is the process of manipulating the components of a lock to open without a key. Having locks on almost everything is something we do for a sense of security. Most of us carry multiple keys on us that goes to various items in our home or to other destinations. Each key looks different and that is for security reasons. Each key works only in their specified locations. Here is some helpful information to know about lock picking:

  1. How locks and keys work
  2. Cylinder  locks
  3. How to pick tumbler locks

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How locks and keys work

Locks come in all different sizes, shapes, and designs. However; most locks have similar internal components. The keys to each lock has slightly different ridges to fit their specific lock. You can have more than one key to a lock by getting a copy of the key made. When using a key in a lock you turn the key one direction to lock the lock and the opposite direction to unlock it. When leaving your house it is important to lock all the locks in your home to prevent unwanted entry to your home without your knowledge.

Cylinder Locks

There are two parts to a cylinder lock, the cylinder and the cam. When the key is used, you put it into the cylinder and turn the key, this action turns the attached cam. Turning the key one way unlocks the lock and the opposite way unlocks it. A dead bolt is similar to an ordinary cylinder lock however a deadbolt doesn’t have a spring feature, the cam either slides in or out depending on if you’re locking or unlocking it. Inside the lock is a pin and tumbler type of puzzle that only the key made for it can solve. The ridges of the key push up the pins at the right level for the key to work.

How to pick tumbler locks

lock picking locksmith perthLock picking pin and tumbler locks can be a fairly easy process. Since a pin and tumbler lock opens by the key lifting the correct pins, you can take a thin, long piece of metal with a slight hook at the end of it and work with figuring out which pins need to be lifted for the lock to open. The other thing you need is a tension wrench which the simplest one is a flat head screwdriver. You apply pressure with the screw drive and turn where the key would go just enough to get inside to start pushing the pins up. Once you start messing with the pins, there is a particular clicking sound to listen for to unlock the lock.

Another method is called raking. It is essentially sticking a bigger piece of metal into the lock, all the way back of the lock. You then pull it out really fast, as the pins move some of them will be where you want them then you can easily pick the rest of the pins. Lock picking wafer tumbler locks in slightly easier than lock picking pin and tumbler locks because the wafer tumbler locks have a wider key hole. You can use the same technique for lock picking a wafer tumbler lock as you would pick a pin and tumbler lock.

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Lock picking can be a fairly easy process to do if you have the right equipment, skill and knowledge. I talked about how locks and keys work and the components of locks. I mentioned how the pin and tumbler locks work and how the wafer tumbler locks work and how to pick them.