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Emergency Locksmith Services

emergency locksmith perth vanEmergencies and sometimes just silly things happen. Of course losing a set of keys to an old lockbox isn’t as silly or as urgent as realizing the key to your car’s locking gas cap was on that key ring you lost and only replaced the house and car keys on. Or the manager went home with the keys to the safe and went on holiday abroad. These are all valid and at the time, very stressful situations that a qualified locksmith can easily help you remedy.

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car locksmith perthCar keys seem at times like they’re repelled from us because you’re sure you put the key in your pocket or purse but when you get back you see them on the floor or worse, mocking you from the ignition. Before you reach for the wire hanger or a tire iron, call a locksmith because we can help you in a variety of ways including Car/Trunk/Glovebox lockouts. Newer cars have security systems specifically designed to defeat the coat hanger down the door and your poking around might actually damage gears or wiring in the door.  

Another way emergency locksmiths services can help you in a stressful situation is if you’ve had your car broken into you need an ignition or lock replaced. Usually the thief either destroys the lock in the attempt so your key is now useless or they had a copy of a key so you don’t want to let them return and pillage you at will. A good locksmith has a mobile shop that can take of this on the spot.


residential locksmith perthIt’s always funny on the telly when the hapless guy walks out of his house and the loud CLICK of the door locking behind him reminds him he walked out and forgot his keys. Until it happens to you of course and you’re weighing the cost of putting a brick through the window. This would certainly constitute the services of an emergency locksmith who can put your mind at ease and save you the significant cost of glass repair when a simple lock picking will do the job.

As previously mentioned, if the worst case scenario of a home break in has happened, it’s important to get your locks rekeyed or replaced as soon as possible. While onsite, a locksmith can evaluate your home to see if something different could have been done and recommend a different system such as Schlage or Medeco which are high-end locks that are pick proof.

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commercial locksmith services perthBusinesses have special considerations when it comes to security and you need that problem solved as quickly as possible before it spirals out of control. Key extractions for desks that had a bit too much force applied along with rekeying of sensitive areas in the event of terminations is how a locksmith can make your life easier. As mentioned earlier, should a break-in be the cause of your worry, having a mobile locksmith that can setup and assess the damage and make qualified suggestions for access control like cameras or deadbolts.

Locksmiths know that many of these scenarios aren’t restricted to a 9-5 schedule so finding a locksmith that provides 24 hour service is one that can serve you at 4pm or 4am when you need them most with a reasonably fast response time. Emergency Locksmith services aren’t the ones you think of alongside fire or health needs but when you’re on the side of the road holding half of a key, you should have a place in your mobile menu for a qualified local locksmith.


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