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How to Make Your Home More Secure with These Easy Tips

home security perthThieves have likely been around since the very first moment in history anyone had anything worth stealing, and home security is an incredibly important issue to most people. Thousands of burglaries continue to happens every year; in fact, their numbers seem to be increasing with each passing year, especially during the warm months abundant with carefree garden parties and alcoholic beverages. There are, however, many things you can do you prevent your home from being burgled, and most of them are very basic and simple.

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Here is a list of simple things you can do in various parts of your home to avoid falling victim to a burglar:

Keep your garage secure.

Have a switch inside your house that lets  you turn on and off your garage lights so you can check out what’s happening there at any time. Install a peephole between your inside door and the garage. If you have a quick release rope on your garage door opener, tie it short so it can’t be snagged by a thief to activate the release. If you are going on vacation and will be gone for a while, be sure to lock the garage door. If you have a garage door opener, have a strong person try to open the door when it is closed. It may sound a bit silly, but some garage door openers will fail this test, which means they need to be repaired.

Make sure your windows do not let people look  right into your home.

window locks perthUnfortunately, windows make it easy see what’s going on in your home. So always remember to close the curtains and lock the windows when you go out; letting someone see into your house–especially if they can see valuables—is asking for trouble. Use timers to turn on/off lights and a radio at various times to make the house look lived in, even when you are not there. Also, you could leave a radio or TV on during the day if you are not home to achieve a similar effect. Have an additional lock made for the windows to prevent someone from lifting the window from outside.

If you have a window air conditioner installed, fasten it to the window as securely as you can, so it cannot be easily removed. Lastly, alarm systems can be very expensive, so if you do not have a real alarm system, consider installing dummy equipment, like fake motion sensor devices, in a position where someone looking in the window would see them in order to deter potential burglars.

Don’t let shrubs and trees obscure your view.

Try to avoid growing trees where they obscure the view of windows from the road or a neighbor’s house. If you do have large trees that you do not want to cut down, be sure no bigger branches are close to second story windows. Keep all shrubs around the house below the height of the windows so that there is always visibility. You could also consider planting particularly prickly shrubs under windows to make it a very uncomfortable place for a burglar to crouch, waiting for his or her chance.

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These precautions are more than worth taking not only because of the possibility of things being stolen from your home and the financial consequences of that. Yet another issue is home security, meaning in this case just how unsafe people tend to feel in their own houses after having been burgled—the idea that some stranger, and a criminal to boot, was able to just walk right in can really make you feel uncomfortable in the place you call home. In fact, there are plenty of people who decide to move house altogether after such an incident.

To know more about home security and what you can do about it, call a residential locksmith to discuss your options. 






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