How To Replace A Deadbolt

When you have deadbolt locks in your home, it is important to know how to replace a deadbolt. It is important to make sure that the deadbolt lock is installed correctly and is completely effective. I’m going to be discussing how to replace a deadbolt and also how to fix a dead deadbolt. 

1. Removing the Old Deadbolt 
2. Install the New Deadbolt 
3. Fixing a Deadbolt

Removing the Old Deadbolt

Before you start to replace your deadbolt make sure to buy your replacement deadbolt before you take the old out. Once you have done that unscrew the screws on the lock on the inside of the door. Then take a hold of both parts of the lock and pull them away from the door. Next unscrew the screws on the part on the edge of the door and pull out that part of the lock.

Install the New Deadbolt

To replace a deadbolt is much easier than installing a brand new deadbolt. it’s easier because the holes in the door are already there so there’s no need to drill anything new. Place the new lock bolt into the whole on the edge of the door and screw it into place. Then place the exterior lock in it’s spot, making sure it’s facing the right way. Place the interior part in its spot and align the holes for the screws with the holes in the door, then screw it into place. Test the lock a few times to make sure it’s aligned correctly. Also check to make sure all the parts of the lock are flush with the door.

Fixing A Deadbolt

Instead of buying a new deadbolt to replace a deadbolt, you could try fixing your deadbolt. You start by opening the door all the way and tighten all the hinge screws with a screwdriver. If you find a screw that won’t tighten, replace it with a 2 ½ inch wood screw that will bite into the wall stud.
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Doorjambs are relatively thin, and screws can often be pulled out of them, especially when supporting a heavy entrance door. It may just be a simple matter of stabilizing the hinges to fix the problem with the lock. 

Extend the bolt all the way, close the door and mark the positions of the top and bottom of the bolt on the jamb with a pencil. Open the door and check to see if the marks match up with the top and bottom of the strike opening. 
There are two ways to fix the strike if the marks don’t line up. You can grind the top of bottom edge of the strike opening with a rotary tool and a grinding accessory to correct the misalignment if it is 1/8 inch or less. If the misalignment is greater than 1/8 inch, unscrew and remove the strike, chisel out the opening, and reposition the strike to line up with the new opening.  
Fill the screw holes with epoxy putty, drill new 1/8-inch holes for the screws and reset the strike. You could spray lubricant into the keyhole to lubricate a lock mechanism that won’t turn. If this doesn’t help, take apart the lock. To do this, remove the rosette from the handle inside the door and unscrew the two bolts holding the lock together. Pull the lock apart, spray lubricant on the mechanism, and reassemble the lock.
When you need to replace a deadbolt lock in your home, you have 2 primary options to look at. You can buy a new replacement deadbolt or you can try fixing the you have. If you figure out that the problem isn’t that big of a problem, it just may get fixed by simply fixing the current deadbolt. If the problem wouldn’t or couldn’t be fixed by trying to fix the deadbolt, you can always buy a new deadbolt. Just keep in mind to buy the correct size deadbolt.
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