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Are Safes Really Necessary?

home safes perthSafes are becoming more and more common as a personal use item for protecting people’s valuables, but are safes really necessary. Safes have been used for some time now to protect property and have taken many forms, from simple lockboxes to concealed wall safes. However are the inconveniences of safes worth the benefits that they provide? Let’s take a look at both sides of the argument:
1. Downsides
2. Benefits

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safe key replacement perthThe benefits of safes are pretty well known already so let’s start with the downsides instead. Safes come in many varieties but most tend to be heavy and cumbersome. This means if you want one anywhere up stairs you’ll either have a tough time getting it their or have to pay some sort of fee to get someone else to.

Another negative side effect to getting a safe is that it puts the majority of your valuable belongings in one spot, if a burglar where particularly industrious there is little stopping the from simply stealing the whole safe from your home, which kind of defeats the purpose of having the safe. The other thing that turns most people away from safes are the price tags, the large majority of quality safes tend to be a pretty large investment, which is why many ask themselves if the safe is really worth the hassle and the money.



perth home safesNow that we’ve covered the major downsides of safes let’s talk a little about the benefits that come with them. They make it difficult for a thief to get to your goods is the first and most obvious benefit, but that same steely structure also protects your goods in the event of a disaster such as a earthquake. In addition some safes have the option to be fire proof or water proof to protect your important documents during any variety of disasters. Before we stated that because a safe puts your valuables in one place it makes it a prime target for a potential burglar, this threat is offset by the same cumbersome qualities that make it difficult for you to move it. Also once you have the safe in your home you can look at bolting it to the wall or floor to prevent the safe from being taken.


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In many cases the use of a safe can provide you with deals, offers, and the occasional discount with some property insurance companies, so the expense of the safe can quickly work towards paying for itself. With all of these benefits it is not hard to see why so many people now days are making the switch to using safes for personal property protection, it really does add a huge level of security to your belongings protecting your belongings from just about any eventuality.

After weighing the downsides and benefits of safes it would definitely seem that the downsides are far outweighed by the security benefits provided by safes. With the security that these devices provide they quickly pay for themselves, so really what’s to lose. By switching to using a safe you to can experience the security they offer in protecting your most precious belongings so you never have to worry about them being damaged or stolen.


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