How to Pick a Lock

Face it, when looking at the possibility of being locked out of your car, flat, office etc. having the skill to pick that lock would not only make life easier for you but you could also maybe pick up some coin in the deal. It’s easy, just like the movies; the suave secret agent pulls out the leather portfolio, selects some thin pieces of metal and with a little concentration, the lock is open and they can sneak in. Or take it farther with the hero who being left with nothing but a bobby pin, defeats the lock and goes on to save the day. Is it that easy? Maybe.

Lock Picking Basics

Okay, except in the cases of super tough fancy high-tech locks, most locks work on a simple principle. There is a cylinder holding the latch in place. There are a series of pins with different lengths along the length of the cylinder and when they are raised, will release the cylinder to turn and release the latch. The key happens to be cut in such a way that each pin is lifted into place and allows you to turn the cylinder. What happens when you don’t have that key made specifically for that cylinder? You use two tools, the pick and the torsion wrench. You use the pick to lift the pins into place and when it releases, you use the wrench to turn the lock. Easy, right?

Lock Picking For Real

First things first, like most activities, if you decide you’re going to develop this skill, you’re going to have to practice it. Professionals constantly challenge themselves with setups of a variety of locks and situations to become better. Simply shoving a pick and wrench into a lock and wiggling it around is not going to get the lock open unless you have a phenomenal case of beginners luck.
It takes patience; remember the movies of the crook opening the vault by slowly turning the dial and listening intently? That’s more the speed you should be thinking about. The pick will be used to slowly feel your way along the cylinder to gently lift the pins. At the same time you’re using the torsion wrench to keep pressure on the cylinder so when you lift a pin; it won’t fall back into place. Typically two of the pins will feel rather loose; the other three will be snug. Those are the ones you’re concentrating on. When each one is lifted into place you should hear a click. When the last pin is in place the wrench should move smoothly and let you turn the cylinder and open the latch.
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Lock Picking Tools

You’ll always have a torsion wrench; some people prefer different styles for easier holding over long periods of time. The picks are where you’re going to find the variety. These include the Snake or C-Rake, Half Diamond, Short Hook and the Rake. The latter is usually the best multi-purpose among the set but there are some locks it won’t work on. If you get a set that has a broken key extractor, that’s in many cases just as valuable because if the lock is ruined, if you have a spare key but the key is broken in the lock, and you happen along and fish it out, imagine how popular you just became.

The Legal Stuff

When you’re practicing, do so on YOUR locks, not your neighbors, the local store or definitely not your Ex’s. Also research what legal issues exist in your area. If lock picks are classified as ‘burglar tools’, you may not be allowed to have them in your possession and if caught could face some legal problems. Have fun, be popular, be legal and be aware of how lock picking truly works.
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