Tips to Protect Your Home

When it comes to protecting your home, there are many things you can do to be proactive and aware of security flaws and how to correct them. This is going to discuss a few options without involving your own security team or the budget of a CEO


There are people out there who want your stuff. Let this sink in. It’s true. It may be a fact you’re painfully aware of or you’ve been lucky/blessed that you’ve never had your home broken into. What type of neighborhood do you live in? If you live in one extreme or the other, you know either crime exists because that’s all there is to do or because you live in an area that people believe has the potential for financial gain by looting.
Let’s say you’re in the middle. You live in a quiet neighborhood, little or no criminal activity taking place around you and everyone is pretty much the same off economically. Who would break into your house then? Again, there are people who are going to want what you have for a variety of reasons and they might have nothing to do with how modest you live.

What you can do to initially protect yourself is look at your house and think about how someone could break in. Do you always forget to lock the door behind you? Do you leave windows open when no one is home? Once upon a time, and still in some rural areas, this practice was completely normal. In most suburban areas, it’s as good as an invitation. Because it leads to the reason why some homes are robbed and others aren’t.
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If you have a house with open window, are seen walking in and out without unlocking a door, the bad guys are going to put you at the top of their list to visit (unless you’re Chuck Norris or such). Criminals love an easy access.
Window lock
The faster they can get in and grab what they can and get out makes a big difference. Consider one house, the above conditions, even worse, no lights after dark. The bad guys know they have places to hide to further study the house and get in and out, or worse, lie in wait for you or a loved one. Across the street is a house that has windows open if someone is home, the door is locked, and there are lights on around the house and car
Motion or even light detection sensors will save you time and money by activating after dusk and if something moves near them. The bad guys will realize they have no place to hide, that running up to the door is going to involve either breaking through or trying to pick the lock and most will immediately move on to easier options.

Easy and Effective

Besides the aforementioned light/motion sensors on outside lights, some simple options to protect your home include planting holly or something equally unpleasant outside windows to discourage lurkers. Make sure tree limbs are cut back or away from fences so someone can’t simply scale the tree and drop into your yard. If you’re technologically minded, there are devices that mimic the flashing lights of a telly so the bad guy thinks people are home and moves on.


There are going to be bad people that really want to get to your stuff and are willing to be patient or brutal to get to it. Those problems are another discussion in itself but if you remain aware of your surroundings and make it time/cost prohibitive for bad guys to drop in on you, you’re farther ahead of the challenge that those who live blissfully until they come home to a ransacked house and a new loss of security.
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