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All about Car Replacement Keys

car replacement keys perthThere is little point to having a car if you don’t have the keys to get into it and to drive it. For that reason when you lose your keys you’ll want to contact a locksmith to get your car replacement keys. But there is much you could be wondering about this service before you get your key replaced; for instance what are these keys, how do they work, and how are they made? Here is everything you need to know about these keys:

  1. What are they?
  2. How do they work?
  3. How are they made?

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What Are They?

car key replacement in perthA car key replacement is exactly what it sounds like, it is another key that looks and works exactly like the old one. With newer keys they even have the programming to duplicate the electronic recognition of the old key. They will be able to completely replace your lost key so you can continue driving in your car again. They can even be crafted to open the trunk, glove box, and doors if you have separate keys for those. Locksmiths really can have a replacement key made for just about anything.


How Do They Work?

When you go to get a car key replacement the new key will work in the same way as the old one. The locksmith can even show you how reprogram the new key so you can push your buttons to pop the truck and unlock doors on car replacement keys that have remotes. This prevents you from losing any of the functionality of the old key so you can keep all the same conveniences and utility when using the new replacement key. This means that the replacement key is absolutely indistinguishable from the original key, except that it will be a little shinier perhaps.


How Are They Made?

24 hour locksmith perthCar replacement keys are manufactured via two different methods. The easiest way is when you are making a spare instead of a full replacement, when you make a spare the old key is patterned out and the a cut is done on a blank to duplicate the original, the edges are then ground down flat to match the exact form of the existing key. With newer key models with electric recognition special programmable blanks are used, but otherwise the process is the same. If you don’t have a copy of the old key then the VIN number, make, model, and year of the car are used by the locksmith to retrieve the pattern for that cars lock. This process is more difficult and takes more time; as such it also costs more to have done. For this reason it is better to keep a spare than to lose your only copy.


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Now you should be a little more comfortable with the idea of car replacement keys. You know a bit about what they are, how they work, and even a bit of the process for how they are made so that you know what is going on when you get your key replaced and know what to expect out of your key. This way if your key doesn’t perform as expected you can go to the locksmith and have it fixed because you know what it should be able to do.


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