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Common Types Of Locks

There a few different types of locks out there, some common and some not so common. i’m going to be talking about 4 different common types of locks and which ones are best for different parts of your home.

  1. Knob Locks and Lever Locks
  2. Deadbolt Locks
  3. Combination locks/padlocks

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Knob Locks and Lever Locks

knob locks perthKnob locks are the most common lock and are the most commonly used lock in your home. These locks have knobs on both sides, one side has the lock switch and the other side has the keyhole. When changing knob locks it is important to know which side the lock is on to know to get a right hand or a left hand lock. Since the locking mechanism is the lock it is easy to bust the lock by breaking the handle by smashing it with a rock or wrench or something similar.

Lever locks are commonly on doors and look better then knob locks. Lever locks locking process is pushing a button in on one side and using a key on the other side. Since the locking mechanism is inside the lock it self, this lock is not recommended for a outer door. These locks are commonly the locks used on all doors in your home.


Deadbolt Locks

deadbolt locksmith perthThere are 4 types of deadbolt locks. There’s the single deadbolt which is the most common for outer doors. This lock has the keyhole on the outside of the door and a thumbturn lock on the inside. Next there is double deadbolt locks. This lock contains a cylinder lock on both sides of door and requires a key on both sides. There are Jimmy proof locks which are popular with double doors. The deadbolt interlocks with the jamb bracket making removing the  lock from the outside almost impossible. Lastly there are captive deadbolts which is essentially a double deadbolt it is just more secure and requires an extra key. Deadbolt locks are commonly used for front doors since they are the most secure lock to use.


Combination Locks/Padlocks

locksmith perth combination lockA combination lock consists of a 3 number combined with a few turns or some combination locks have a letter sequence. You typically see these locks on school lockers or possibly safes.These locks can be easily snipped with bolt cutters. Pad locks on the other hand can be similar in shape as combination locks. Pad locks require a key to open it instead of a combination. There are a few different features that padlocks can have that either make them harder to be snipped. Some padlocks don’t let you remove the key when it is unlocked, with some of them you can’t change the key that you open it with. These types of locks are best to lock up important documents or to lock up a safe with your most valuable possessions.

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Above I discussed a variety of different locks that are common to see around. The knob locks and the lever locks are commonly used in your household. The deadbolt locks are commonly the lock on your front door to help ensure the safety of your household.  Padlocks and combination locks are commonly used to lock up important documents or on a locker in a school.


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