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The Dangers of Car Fobs

perth car fobsCar fobs are becoming increasing popular over the years largely due to the convenience they offer. But are they as safe as people would like to believe, unfortunately not. Here are some things you didn’t know including the dangers of car fobs:

  1. What is a Car Fob?
  2. What are the Dangers?
  3. What Can I Do?

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What is a Car Fob?

Before we talk about the dangers of car fobs let’s discuss what exactly a car fob is. A car fob is a device that you carry in your pocket or purse that acts as a proximity key for your car. Basically if you are carrying it and walk to your car the car will recognize it when you get close enough and unlock for you, and then when you get in you can push an ignition button to start the car. It’s quick it’s easy it’s convenient. No more scrambling through your purse or pockets looking for the key so long as you have it on you somewhere you are good to go. So what’s the danger?


What Are the Dangers?

car fobs perthWhat are the dangers of car fobs indeed, there are a few. Firstly, it circumvents an important federal motors safety regulation. Normal cars are built so that the vehicle must be put into park before the car can be shut down, this is not the case with cars that use a car fob. Vehicles that use these devices can remain in drive and shut down when the driver moves out of signal range of the car. This may not sound like a big deal until you realize that this means the car can now begin to roll without the driver nearby to intervene. This has already led to numerous injuries and casualties among owners of these vehicles and the people around them. Also key fobs left inside a vehicle can cause it to continue to run leading to carbon-monoxide poisoning in confined spaces. These are just two of the various dangers that can arise from the use of car fobs, lists of complaints are beginning to grow as more and more incidents occur.


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What Can I do?

car fobs perthWith these obvious safety flaws what can you do to protect yourself from the dangers of car fobs? One thing you can do is switch to a manual key ignition instead of a key fob system. However if you want to stick with a key fob system you’ll want to keep your key fob in an easy to remember spot so as not to leave it with your vehicle. You will also have to place your car into the parking gear before leaving it, setting the parking brake is also a good routine to get in. In addition you can get around a lot of the dangers by making sure to use the ignition button to manually turn off the vehicle before exiting this way you can be certain the car will not remain on while you are away from it.

Now you know a little bit more about the various dangers of car fobs. This information will help you to make an educated choice about purchasing this option for your vehicle and how to avoid the inherent hazards of the device when installed in your car.


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