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A Guide on How to Pick the Best Locksmith

professional locksmith perthWhen you go to select a locksmith for your particular needs it is important to know how to pick the best locksmith. There are many ways to narrow down your search for the best locksmith and we’ll go over a few in this guide. By doing the work to get the right locksmith you’ll get the work you need done right on time, the first time, just like you deserve. The following methods are good choices for narrowing down the best in the locksmith trade for you:

  1. Phone Directory
  2. Online
  3. Word of Mouth

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Phone Directory

phone a locksmith in perthQuickest way to get a list of locksmiths in your area is to go through the business section of your phone directory. This won’t have every locksmith option available to you, and it might not factor in hardware store deals which can sometimes copy keys for you, but it will give you a start. From here you can start making phone calls. When you call make sure you ask whether they can do what you need, how soon they can have it done, and how much they’ll charge. Once you’ve gone through your list of local locksmiths you’ll have at least a few that stand out from the rest and we can move to the next step.


locksmith perthOnce you have your candidates for the best locksmith in your area you can take a look at them online. Online you can look at review sites where customers rate their experiences with the business. This way you can see what parts of the businesses advertisement are true and what details they left out. Also while you are online you might find a few candidates that weren’t in the phone book, just make sure they are local so you don’t deal with the inconvenience of shipping delays. Now that you have this information you may have a pretty good idea of which locksmith to go with, but will take a look at one more source of information.

Word of Mouth

Word of mouth tends to be a limited source for information when looking for the best locksmith, but occasionally you can get pretty useful information about locksmiths in town. If you have a friend who’s used a locksmith recently you can ask them for their recommendation or if there are any locksmiths to avoid. If you don’t know anyone who has used a locksmith recently you can go into a hardware store and ask for their recommendation. If they offer their own services make sure to take the advice with a grain of salt though.

24hr Hotline (08) 6311 4004


By this point you should know which locksmith in your area is the best one to go with. Remember this should be a locksmith who can complete the task quickly, effectively, and for a competitive price. Remember to make sure when getting a key remade, duplicated, or replaced that it fits the lock properly, the new key should not catch in the lock or you can eventually cause damage to the inside of the lock preventing you from using it. If the key catches on the inside of the lock have the lock smith refit the key so that it turns smoothly preventing you from causing harm to the


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