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Guide to Window and Door Locks

door locks perthHome security has come a long way over the years and as your home gets older it may be time to update your door and window locks. In fact even moving into a home that has been previously owned it can sometimes be a good idea to switch out the locks in case someone kept a copy of the keys. But there are a lot of options out there so here is a little information about these locks:

  1. Different Locks
  2. Installing Door Locks
  3. Installing Window Locks

Different Locks

The first part of our guide to door and window locks is to look at what kinds of lock are out there. For your door locks you will want at least two locks on your front door. Each should use a different key for optimal security; one should be a bolt lock for solid security when everyone is going to be gone for a long time or asleep. The second can just be your standard lock, which tend to have thinner bolts than a full bolt lock. The second lock’s key can be given to your kids so they are able to get in after school but the bolt lock should have only one or two keys to prevent it getting into the wrong hands. Your window locks should be solid clasps, if they are getting old and faulty it can be time to replace them, with these any lock that clicks firmly into the frame of the window is sufficient and you can decide the rest based on preferred style and appearance.

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Installing Door Locks

The next part of our door and window locks guide is installing the door locks. First you will want to unscrew the old locks and remove the mechanisms. After these have been cleared out of the way place the new lock in the gap making sure that when the bolts extend they fit into the gaps in the door frame. If not you may need to have the bolt shortened by a locksmith so the lock can be fully engaged. Next make sure to screw the lock in with the screw heads on the inside of the house to prevent tampering by a burglar.


Installing Window Locks

perth window lock installationThe final step in our guide to door and window locks is installing the window locks. Most window locks are imbedded into the window itself due to the need to fit the size of the window; however some window locks can circumvent this and will come with individualized locks. If you need a temporary fix while the window is being replaced or even to add to the security of a window you can place a bar in the slide of a window. One type of lock has short screw that are used to secure it to the side of the window and a lever is turned to push the bolt into or out of a securing slot on the end of the other window pane holding the sliding window solid; such a window lock could be supported by a bar in the windows sliding path to prevent the window from being forced open to break the lock.

Now you know how a bit more about door and window locks so you can make the right lock choices for your home. You even know how to install them yourself to save time and money on this worthwhile security improvement.

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