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Home Security Tips

residential locksmith services in perthIt is important to have an effective home security system to avoid having your house broken into and having your things subject to being stolen. Especially if you have expensive items in your home, it is best to keep a home security system active to alert you of intruders. Here are some home security tips to help you out in keeping unwanted guests out of your house.

  • Things to do to keep burglars out
  • Securing doors
  • Securing windows

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Some Things To Do To Keep Burglars Out

locksmith perthHere are some home security tips which can be done daily. When you move into a new house you should change the locks because you don’t know who had access to the house before. Sometimes you can fool burglars into thinking you’re still home when you leave the house by leaving lights on. To ensure that a burglar can’t disable your security system, conceal the wires.

Another thing you could do to discourage burglars is to put your more expensive items out of view of the windows and also close your blinds. If a burglar can’t see inside they won’t know what you have. Instead of keeping a spare key in a commonly predictable place try wrapping it up in plastic or foil or put it in a small plastic container and bury it somewhere you won’t forget. Also having a dog could be a good idea. Dogs naturally bark at anyone that is trying to get into the house. If you have a doggy door you can get a barrier for it to block it as an entry point for a burglar.

Securing Doors

Install deadbolts on your doors to help secure your doors from burglars. A common method for burglars is to slide a plastic card with the width of a credit card to ease the lock to open. With a deadbolt that is about an inch or so thick it is increasingly harder for a burglar to ease your locks open. Make sure to limit the amount of space between the door and the door frame to help discourage burglars. With sliding glass doors you can put a wooden pole the length of half the door in the bottom frame so you can’t open the door.

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Securing Windows

window locks perthWhen securing your windows you can put in burglar-resistant glass or have multi-paned windows. Make sure to install locks on all your windows including deadbolt locks. To prevent a burglar from unscrewing the screws on a window lock, you can pour molten metal over the screw heads. Another thing you can do to reinforce your windows against intruders is to have multiple locks on them.

Having a home security system is always a good idea to have in your home to help prevent a burglar from invading your home and privacy. These are some of the tips on how to help keep your home safe on a daily basis and how to reinforce your doors and windows from unwanted visitors.


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