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Important Facts about Deadlock Security

deadlocks security perthDeadlocks offer much in the way of security and it can be a great idea to get one installed. However before you rush out and get a deadlock installed in your home or office it can be good to weigh the decision and look at the pros and cons of this security feature. Let’s take a closer look at the details involved in getting this security feature in your home.

  1. What is deadlock security
  2. Cons of deadlock security
  3. Pros of deadlock security

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What is a Deadlock Security?

Deadlocks are an extra layer of security for your home. These bolts are locks that require a key to be turned and tend to be thick in order to prevent being broken through. They are also on the heavier end for locks and as such are harder to get past without a proper key. People with deadlock security often use these locks on the entrance to the property and on doors leading to areas that might garner a need for additional security. These deadbolts can be placed in addition to normal locks to add multiple layers of security to a home or office.


Cons of Deadlock Security

locksmith perthSo what are the downsides of using deadlocks as a security feature? One downside of installing a deadlock is that by adding another key to be used you can make it difficult for people who are supposed to be able to access the locked off area to get in. This minor inconvenience is magnified if other deadlocks require different keys, which is a recommended feature when installing these bolt locks in your home or office if you have 6 or more locks on the property. This makes it difficult for a prospective robber to get everywhere by having a single forged copy. So the inconvenience of deadlocks works both ways.


Pros of Deadlock Security

installing deadlock security in perthWith these inconvenient features who would want to have a deadlock installed at all? Well there are many benefits to having deadlocks installed. One of the benefits is that you can set up your locks so that people only have keys to go into areas that they have access to, preventing dishonesty in the workplace. Also if you have a double lock system you can have one person with access to one of the locks who is designated to open and close and have those locks left open while they are there to supervise which maintains a high level of security for an office or business. For instance you could have keys for assistant managers to open and close with and an additional key for the manager to access the manager’s office so only the manager has access to that room while still keeping the business secure while no one is there.


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Now you know a bit more about the security that comes with using a deadlock in your home or office security, more than that you’ve seen both the benefits of using this system as well as some of the inconvenience that comes with using them. Another thing to note about this security feature is that some insurance companies specify the feature in their requirements for paying out on your insurance policy if something does happen. Whether this is the case with you or not the pros do seem to outway the cons of using deadlock security features.


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