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What Does a Locksmith Do?

professional locksmith perthThe first thing people think of when they think of a locksmith is one whom you can call when you lock yourself out of your car or home. Truth is, locksmiths have many other things they can help with, from key cutting to home safety. A locksmith’s services are invaluable to homeowners. They sell and make keys, rekey locks, and many are now working towards being apt at dealing with electronic locks as well as traditional locks.

Things that Locksmiths Do:

  1. Make duplicate keys.
  2. Pick locks.
  3. Rekey locks.
  4. Change locks.
  5. Install electronic locks.
  6. Install safes.

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Copying keys is a basic yet important task that locksmiths are trained to do. Locksmiths are experts in key making technologies. Many locksmiths also have electronic key-cutting machines, just in case, and duplicates of keys can be made in a matter of minutes.

Locking yourself out of a car or home is a common occurrence and locksmiths are trained to help you get back in. Locksmiths typical carry their tools with them in a van so that they can travel to you. They have specific tools to open locks on doors in the home and to open vehicle locks.

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If you lose your key you will need to have new one made. Locksmiths do not simply create a key that matches your old lock. Locksmiths take out the tumblers and springs in your door handle or car door, and replace them with a new tumblers and springs, and then create a new corresponding key. Locksmiths can also modify locks, if need be.

Getting new locks on a home you have just purchased is an imperative, as the fact of the matter is that there can be no way of knowing who has had keys to your home in the past. Locksmiths can change out the old locks for new ones and give you the new set of keys. They can install deadbolts, and upgrade locks. Locksmiths can also look at window locks to assess their level of effectiveness, and replace them if necessary.

The newest type of lock is the electronic kind, and they can be invaluable to homeowners. Many locksmiths can even install alarm systems in homes. Locksmiths can also ascertain problems in existing electronic lock systems as well. Different electronic lock systems include those with pin passwords, or cards. If the locksmith installs these for a business, for instance, they can make a log of the passwords associated with the locks, and keep the locks up to date.

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home safes perthKeeping your valuables safe is an important job, and one that locksmiths can help with as well. Locksmiths can find a safe that suits your needs, an install it in your home professionally. It is important that the safe is installed professionally because it makes it much harder for someone to remove the safe to attempt to open it elsewhere.

Many locksmiths are on call when you need them in pinch. If you’ve just moved into a new home, don’t take the risk of home invasion, and get your locks changed. When you look at all the evidence, it becomes clear that locksmiths are skilled, in demand, and very useful trades people. The next time you lose your key, lock yourself out of your car or home, or purchase a new home, locksmiths are there for you.




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