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Lost Car Keys: What To Do?

locksmith perth lost car keysLost car keys may be a costly replacement but it doesn’t have to be. When you have a car you typically have two sets of keys, your main set and your replacement set that isn’t used but in cases when you lose your car keys. I’m going to be talking about process of how to replace lost car keys. I’m going to be discussing how to replace lost car keys for 2 processes and give you some additional information.

  1. For a lost key
  2. For a dead or malfunctioning key
  3. How much it costs to replace your key

For a lost key

When you lose your car key, you can ask a locksmith to make you a new key, they are most likely have the right equipment to make a key then a hardware store that makes copies of keys. The older the vehicle the better luck you’ll have with it. You can also look for discounted keys and/or fobs online. The key you need may be cheaper online. then getting it directly from the manufacturer. Also another thing you can do is to check to see if the key replacement is under warranty.

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For a dead or malfunctioning key

auto locksmith perthInstead of having lost your car keys, if the key fob is dead or not working properly this is what you can do. You can reset all your keys. If you recently changed any part of your car the electrical signal was intercepted. Take a look at your owners manual to look up the directions to reset your keys. Also the battery may be dying or is dead, going about replacing it is a fairly easy process though. Just take your information about your car (make, model, year, and vin number) to a locksmith who specializes in cars to get a new battery for your fob. Going straight to your manufacturer may be more expensive since they can charge for the battery and the labor of installing it.

Make sure to check your warranty to see if the battery is covered. Once you have done everything else you will need to reprogram your fob. If you don’t want to do this yourself you can have a car specialty locksmith do it for you. All you need to do to reprogram your fob is to follow the directions in your car’s owner manual.

How much it costs to replace your key?

mobile locksmith services perthThe cost of replacing lost car keys varies. With technology getting more advanced, the higher technological keys and fobs can cost upwards of $800 and delivery can take up to six weeks. The average cost of replacing your lost car keys is around $479 though the prices varies based on your car make, model, what kind of key fob you have, things like that. The prices vary from around $250 to $800 based on the type of car and it’s rarity.

Lost car keys can be an expensive affair to pay for however, it doesn’t have to be. There are a few other alternatives to try before you go straight to your manufacturer which is the most expensive option. You can always reach out to a locksmith who specializes in cars and see what they can do like i discussed above. Always utilize your owners manual for any questions you have about your car as well.

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