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What Is A Mortice Lock?

There are several types of locks out there but the one I’m going to be talking about is the mortice lock and the different types of mortice locks. A mortice lock is one that is embedded in the door itself rather than just on the surface of the door.

  1. What Is A Mortice Lock And Their Benefits
  2. Types Of Mortice Locks

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What Is A Mortice Lock And Their Benefits

A mortice lock is one that is installed into the door itself. They are commonly used in older buildings. A mortice lock is named as such because it consists of a locking mechanism that is then put into the hole in the door which is called a mortice. Mortice locks are really sturdy and are a mortice lock locksmith perthgood choice for doors that lead into your home, such as your front or back door. Since these locks are really sturdy, and installed in the door itself, it makes it hard for unwanted visitors to get in your home.

There are several parts to this lock, making it hard for anyone to pick. Mortice locks are a good choice because they come in various sizes, which lets it work for a variety of needs. These locks can be locked twice, on the inside and on the outside. The locks look nicer than other types of locks. The mortice lock has a sliding bolt that is released when the key is used on it, putting the pins in the correct line. If you have children, this lock has a passage feature that is ideal for a child’s bedroom door. With the passage feature it allows for easy access to the room, can’t be locked at all and doesn’t need a key.

Types Of Mortice Locks

There are several types of mortice locks, that either have different features or different levels of security. There is the lever mortice lock which is really common to be used in populated areas in the UK. Most of the lever mortice locks are similar in how they work. When the key is put in the lock and turned, levers are lifted to the correct height, which lets the lock engage or unlock. The difference in the lever locks, is how many levers it has.

mortice lock locksmith perthThe thickness of the door plays a part as well, because increasing the number of levers increases how thick the lock is and how thick the door needs to be. The advantage to increasing the number of levers, is that it increases the security and durability. The more common mortice lever locks have 2 levers. The next one is 3 lever mortice locks, which is more secure and has a higher availability from the manufacturers. Next is the 5 lever mortice lock which provides medium security. There are cylinder mortice locks, which has a cylinder in it instead of levers. These locks can be locked from both sides or from one side and have a thumb turn on the opposite side.

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When you’re thinking of the security of your household, or are afraid of your kids locking themselves in the bathroom or their room, you can ease your fear by using mortice locks on those rooms, and remember it is for everyone’s safety. With how the mortice lock is designed, having one of your front door is a good choice because it is hard for an unwanted visitor to get through. If you have any questions, you can always go to one of our professionals and we’ll gladly help you out.



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