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Moving into a new home? Change your locks

residential locksmith services in perthWhen you move into a new house, one of things you should think about is the locks in the house. The common assumption of sorts is that you need to get new locks. You do have another option, which is rekeying the current locks to fit a new key.

  1. Re-keying vs. Changing Locks
  2. Things To Consider
  3. How Rekeying Works

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Re-keying vs. Changing Locks

When you move into a new house, you have two choices about what you want to do in regards to your locks. You can choose rekeying your current locks, which means to change the cylinders inside the locks to fit new keys. The process is slightly different with each type of lock. The other choice is to replace all the locks in your home, which is replacing every locking mechanism of all the locks in your home.

Things To Consider

auto locksmith perthOne of the things to think about before you decide to replace any or all locks in your home is the price. Replacing locks is more expensive since you are replacing the whole locking mechanism of all the locks. While if you choose to rekey your locks, the cylinder is the part you’d be replacing.

Another thing to keep in mind is that replacing your locks would take more time since you would need to take out the old lock and put in the new. Rekeying only needs the cylinder changed. A big thing to think about is how old your locks are. It may just be easier to replace your locks if they are older since finding a cylinder that is compatible is more difficult to do the older the lock is. If at any point you are uncertain about the process of re-keying or replacing the locks, you can contact one of our professionals and we’ll be glad to help you out.

How Rekeying Works

The first step to the rekeying process is to obtain a rekeying kit. You can find them at your local hardware business or you can look online as well. Note that you will need a kit that matches your brand of locks. Next disconnect the outer side of lock and door handle. You’ll need to use the cylinder follower tool to remove the locks cylinder. Next you’ll need to take out the retainer ring in the cylinder using the ring remover which is like a wrench. You’ll need to remove the cylinders plug. You do this by putting the key into the cylinder and you ease the plug follower through to remove the plug. Next, remove the used lower lock pins, They are shaped similar to a bullet.

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lock repair perthYou’re then going to insert the new key into the cylinder, this helps guide the new pins into place. You’ll need tweezers to be able to grip the new pins to put them into their specified place because they are really small. Where the pins go, should be color coded or coded with numbers so it should be easy to put the pins in the right place. if not, use the trial and error method until it fits with the key. Lastly, put the lock back together and on the door and make sure to try it out to make sure it works. When it does, be glad and enjoy.

Now that you have read this information, you can make an informed choice of which you’d want to do when you move into a new house. There are a couple differences between the two, though re-keying is the easier process if you’re at all handy, and is cheaper too. If you have any questions at all, go ahead and call one of our professionals and we will assist you.



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