Re-Keying vs Replacing Locks

When you’re thinking about changing your locks for any reason, think about the option of re-keying. Both rekeying and changing locks are options that end up having the same result- a new lock that uses a different key. Depending on where you buy new locks, the price varies from store to store. I will be discussing the differences between these two options, and the pro’s and con’s of both.

1. Re-keying vs. Changing Lock
2. Things To Consider
3. Circumstances Where Replacing Locks Is Best

Re-keying vs. Changing Locks

When you think about re-keying, it is a fairly simple, and a cheaper option than replacing your locks. Re-keying doesn’t change the locks themselves, it is just changing the cylinder inside the lock, it also changes the heights of the pins inside to fit a new key. Changing locks is more expensive and you’ll be changing the whole locking mechanism of every lock you want to replace.
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Things To Consider

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When considering one over the other you should be aware of a few things. With the process of changing locks, it takes more time because it involves taking apart the old lock, and installing the new one, for every single lock and some locks even require specialty tools to take apart and reassemble. When you’re replacing your locks, keep in mind the type if you change it from the ones that are being replaced since the processes for installation can vary. 
Re-keying your locks, is beneficial in that it takes less time since it is replacing just one part of the locking mechanism. If you change the lock on your front door it may not look as nice since the door is painted to fit the current lock.

Circumstances Where Replacing Locks Is Best

I will be talking about a few situations that changing locks will benefit you most. This first one anyone will know to do but it is when the unfortunate event of a break in, replacing the locks as soon as possible will secure your household again and relieve any worry in the meantime. If you try to rekey your locks and it doesn’t work, your locks may be too old to rekey, which leaves you the only choice of changing locks to a more modern model. The newer models available offer better security because the manufacturing process has been improved. Now if you are looking at replacing your locks because your current locks aren’t as secure as you need. 
Changing locks to improve security to protect your residence or business is definitely recommended.
When you think about which is best for you, re-keying or replacing locks, you need to take into account all of the factors of your situation and how bad it is if at all. The reason behind wanting to rekey or replace your locks doesn’t play a huge part unless you’re talking about your personal safety or loved ones.
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