3 Tips to Avoid Lockout

Getting locked out of your home or car can be a real pain, and for that reason here are a few tips for how to avoid lockout. With this advice you can yourself from getting stuck outside or stranded in the parking lot next to your car. This advice can be broken into three sections: 

1. Spare Key 
2. Consistency 
3. Backup Plan

Spare Key

The first tip for how to avoid lockout, and the quickest to implement, is having a spare key on hand. This can be made in minutes by a trained locksmith and even in some hardware stores. By having a spare key you insure that even if you leave one key inside your car or home you still have another somewhere. In addition if you lose the original key you can copy the spare to once again have two keys. This avoids a large majority of lockouts that occur but it is only the first step. A spare key doesn’t do you much good if, for instance, you can’t find it. For that reason let us look at the next step.
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Another way to avoid being locked out is to use consistency. This means putting your keys in the same place every time to avoid lockout. This will help you to remember where your keys are at all times, and if you do lose them it will become simple to track them down. By forming a habitual procedure when it comes to locking doors and always checking you have the key beforehand you can prevent incidents from occurring. The same applies for your spare key as a just in case measure, otherwise you’ll find yourself in a situation where you lose both keys which defeats the purpose of having the spare key at all.

Backup Plan

If you do find yourself a victim of lockout you’ll be thankful to have a backup plan. One backup plan is having your spare key handy. Some people leave their spare key somewhere near the door it is used for, and while this does mean it will always be there when you need it, there is little stopping anyone else from taking advantage of it in your absence. For this reason it can be better to have someone else that you can trust carry a copy of your spare key, or keep it in a secure place that you can still get to if you get locked out. This way only you will be using the key and the spare will not lower the level of security for your home or car.
By using these tips and forming a few good habits you’ll lower your chances of being locked out. Just remember to always have a spare key, to have a limited number of places that you consistently keep your keys, and lastly to always have a backup plan or two for if you do find yourself locked out. Once you have these few things down so they become a force of habit you will rarely become a victim of lockout, and if you do you will have a plan to quickly rectify the situation.
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